How to Eat Seasonally: What’s in Season in August

Eating Seasonally in August - Carolyn's Pantry
Eating Seasonally in August - Carolyn's Pantry

Have you ever noticed how fantastic and life-changing berries taste during the summer or how much more depth there is to kabocha squash’s flavor during the winter months? Seasonal eating is one of the tastiest and most beautiful things that you can do for your body. Just check out this fantastic haul from my nearby farmer’s market! I’m very excited to share a few tips on a subject that is near and dear to my heart: seasonal eating. So many friends told me how hard it can be to remember what’s in season that I decided to do a monthly post about what fruits and veggies are in season in and how to use them!

Eating seasonally is fantastic for a number of reasons:

1 – It’s a huge money-saver. Ever notice how strawberries are crazy expensive in December? That’s because they’re out of season and have to be shipped from a different country to your grocery store. Seasonal items, however, require a lot less transportation and are in greater abundance during their peak months that they’re substantially cheaper.

2- It’s a great way to maximize your nutrient intake. Fruits and veggies sold outside their peak season months are actually way lower in nutrients than those sold when they’re in season. That’s because farmers have to take them off the vine and pick them when they’re not yet ripe in order to still have them look fresh when they finally make it to you store. Plants stop gaining natural nutrients after harvest, so eating fruits and veggies picked too early in their lifecycle robs your body of some incredible nutrients it could be getting from a mature plant.

3 – It’s an easy way to help the environment. Eating seasonal foods grown locally helps minimize transportation energy consumption to bring them to your store. Win-win. 

Best foods to try this month:

  • Radishes – meant for you too and not just Peter Rabbit ;) put on top of salads and nutty quinoa bowls for a beautiful finish and extra crunch
  • Figs – delicious dried or fresh. Be careful to eat these soon after you buy them because they’re quite tender and do go bad quickly. Absolutely perfect with homemade granola and honey.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes - Winner tip is to buy the small ones at your farmer’s market because they’re the most flavorful. Try them at the market as well. Ones picked locally are always better.
  • Fennel – my new favorite veggie! More posts coming on this baby. Shave it to make a raw fennel salad or bake with herbs for a wonderful evening side
  • Bok choy – beautiful, fantastic Chinese leafy green that’s wonderful steamed with a rice bowl
  • Summer squash – zucchini’s yellow cousin. Steam in veggie bowls or spiralizer as noodles.
  • Carrots – Try a new color! Organic carrots come in a whole rainbow – yellow, red, and purple.
  • Blueberries - this is the last month that they’re in season! Grab these little babies while they’re hot. Try them in smoothies or cobblers or enjoy for an antioxidant-packed snack.
  • Beets – Need I say any more? Try beet juice, beet hummus, or even make beet overnight oats and cake.
  • Avocados – your new best friend. Who needs another reason to eat avocados?
  • Chard – fantastic leafy green to try if you’re tired of spinach and kale! Put it in salads and green smoothies.
  • Peaches – yumm. Peach cobbler, peach coconut ice cream, roasted peaches with honey, grilled peach Portobello burgers. The list goes on.
  • Green onions – I love these fresh on top of salads or Asian stir-fry.
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