Sweet Summertime Beet Juice

beet juice

Happy Fourth of July and Happy 240th Birthday, America!! Today is a day for celebrating with friends and family over BBQs, rodeos (yep, I’ll be attending one later today), hikes, block parties and more. You’re going to want something healthy and nourishing to start your morning on days like this. That’s why I’m so excited to share this beet juice with you! Just think – by doing something wonderful for your body first thing in the morning, you’re freeing yourself up to enjoy that summertime BBQ no matter how many kale salad options it might have ;) Beets are now popping up in foods all over the place and for good reason! They’re totally gorgeous and make a really pretty drink which is definitely one reason, but they also do some fantastic things for your health. If you’re looking for a coffee-like boost of energy to power you through the day, try beets! What’s amazing about this is that they’re a great source of natural sugars and detoxifying elements and boost your energy levels and immune system. They also support brain health, fight inflammation, and help lower blood pressure. Pretty cool!


I bought a small apartment-friendly $50 Black & Decker Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor off Amazon and love it. If you’re new to juicing, check out Kris Carr’s fantastic juicer guide for some great advice on capabilities, cleaning, and pricing.



-    1 beet
-    1 cucumber
-    3 sticks celery
-    1 apple



Super easy – just chop wash and chop all ingredients, add them to the juicer, and enjoy! Juices are most potent in their first hour after juicing, but they’re fine to store in the fridge all day.