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Avocado Toast Two Ways

Some days all you need is a dependable avocado toast so why not make two?! These avocado toasts are so easy to make and the best part about them is that you can make them to your liking! All you need is high-quality bread, ripe avocado and some simple toppings, then you’re ready to go.

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Easy Spirulina Smoothie

Loading up on my greens the only way I know how - vibrant, beautiful smoothie bowls! This spirulina smoothie is super simple, detoxifying and energizing making it the perfect treat in the morning or post-workout. Surprisingly sweet without any added sugar and entirely plant-based—so good!

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Glowing Pumpkin Pie Oats

I made my first pumpkin oats in a while yesterday and let me tell you: the result was pretty magical. I either make my own pumpkin purée if I’m feeling aggressive 🎃 or buy plain pumpkin purée. The pre-seasoned pumpkin pie mix comes with a lot of added sugar and nobody needs that🙌🏻 Here is how to make the most delicious pumpkin pie oats without any added sweetener.

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Easy Savory Veggie Breakfast Bowl

This easy breakfast bowl packed with greens, avocado, turmeric quinoa, and sauteed oyster mushrooms, will make you drool even more than a full scrambled egg breakfast. It’s low in sugar, comes packed with nourishing anti-inflammatory ingredients, is completely plant-based, and gluten-free and is the most delicious way to get your greens in.

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