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Copina Connect: Melissa Coyle of Melissa's Healthy Kitchen

A healthy lifestyle is not ONLY about the work and hustle, but it’s also taking care of yourself and giving your body all it wants and craves to living an abundant and nourished life. Melissa (@melissas_healthykitchen) shares the most delicious and simple healthy dishes all across her page and on her blog. She believes that a working professional can still create nutrient-dense meals even when your week is super busy. I’m so excited to share what Melissa has to say about committing to a healthy lifestyle, balance, and some of her favorite wellness rituals. Enjoy!

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Copina Connect: Stephanie Park of Wylde One

Meet Stephanie Park, wellness advocate and founder of high-performance wellness elixirs company Wylde One. Stephanie has been in the health and wellness community for a while now and has seen it shift and transform over the years. I’m so excited to share what Stephanie has to say about body confidence, balance, and rituals including her AMAZING beauty regimen.

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