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Copina Connect: Nicole Berrie of Bonberi

What the world needs most is connection, community, and ridiculously delicious vegetables…. basically the world needs Bonberi. Nicole Berrie is the founder and inspiration behind the vegan bodega and wellness community Bonberi based in the West Village. Finding wellness is about finding what makes you tick, listening to your intuition, and living connected to your own mind, body, and spirit. Nicole created a thriving community and business that helps the world do just that.

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DIY Spirulina Face Mask

This 3-ingredient DIY Spirulina Face Mask has been my go-to for months now when my skin is feeling dull and clogged. This is perfect for cleansing your skin and retiring a healthy bacterial balance to your skin. Plus, you can actually eat this mask too (if you enjoy green yogurt)! It’s made of 3 ingredients that help to promote good bacteria on your face and soothe acne.

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