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About Copina Co

Copina Co. is about wellness made friendly, not perfect. We're a friendly wellness community for every women. We think that wellness should be fun, approachable, and inviting to everyone and that your voice matters. Copina comes from the French word for friend, "copine". We believe that everyone belongs in wellness and that the best advice comes from friends, not celebrities or experts.

You belong. Your voice is valid. Let's make a new kind of wellness community together.

Copina Co. isn't just an website, it's a community. The Copina Collective is all of us together finding a happier, healthier us through food, beauty, and everything else.


About Carolyn

I originally started Copina Co. as a blog called "Carolyn's Pantry" which is where I shared my own experiences finding health and happiness in food and life. You'll notice on the site lots of my favorite posts and recipes still on from the time I started the blog in 2016. 

My inspiration for starting Copina Co. came when I was on a walk thinking about all the women inspiring me in wellness and realized that there needed to be a way to connect our work. I believe that wellness isn't a set destination or something that someone dictates down to you. It's something that's always evolving and something that we all define together. 

What this space is really about is bringing an approachable, easy voice to wellness and celebrating those who drive it in their own ways. I hope you join in the conversation with me!