5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta


This is the most amazing pesto pasta I’ve had in years and is literally the easiest thing in the world to throw together. It’s my go-to if I’m tired or coming home late and want something light and comforting. The recipe is really kind of amazing – it tastes just like the most delicious creamy pesto pasta you’ve ever had, except the unhealthy cheese and refined flour has been replaced with amazing cashews, basil, kale, and zucchini. This is a pasta that you can eat bowls and bowls of and still feel amazing. The pesto sauce has a fabulous texture and clings to every bit of the amazing noodles, peas, and tomatoes. Each bite is a piece of heaven. The creaminess of the cashews and the delicious flavor of fresh basil and kale contrast so well with the fresh garlic and raw veggies. The number of “oh my gawww”s that came out in between mouthfuls of this pasta the first time I made it was just embarrassing. 

5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta
5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta

The whole notion of eating a noodle dish without refined flours or cheese might sound like a crazy idea, but it’s anything but deprivation. I was pretty skeptical when I first tried started eating whole foods without dairy or refined flours, and thought that this might be a little experiment that would last about a month. What’s kept me coming back to these recipe is how amazing they taste! Isn’t it nuts that all of this amazing food can be made from plants alone? The whole idea that food can make you feel amazing is so powerful. I love that I can eat a huge bowl of this pasta, but feel light, refreshed, and energized instead of bloated and tired afterwards. 

5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta
5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta

Spiralizers are so in right now and I fell in love with mine as soon as I bought it this year. They’re such fantastic kitchen tools because they let you make pastas out of all kinds of fresh veggies. It’s really kind of fun- stick a whole zucchini on machine, then pop - out come as many beautiful green noodles as you could want.

Blending the cashew and kale pesto in a food processor is just a matter of putting the ingredients in and pressing the start button and the zucchini pasta took be under 5 minutes to make. If you eat this recipe raw, then it’s actually a 5 minute dinner! Saute for another 5 if you’d like it to be more cooked, but either way, you can feed yourself something amazing for dinner tonight in under 15 minutes and that’s pretty darn cool!

5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta
5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta

RECIPE - Serves 3


  1. 3 large zucchinis for noodles (you can also use brown rice noodles or whole wheat pasta)
  2. 1 cup baby tomatoes
  3. 1 cup frozen peas, thawed
  4. 2/3 cup raw cashews
  5. 1 big handful fresh basil
  6. 1 small handful fresh kale leaves
  7. Juice of 2 lemons
  8. 1 tsp nutritional yeast
  9. 3 cloves garlic
  10. 2/3 cup olive oil
  11. A sash of salt


  1. Start by spiralizing your zucchini noodles. Chop both ends off and either use a spiralizer or a vegetable peeler to create vegetable noodles. Next, wash and slice the baby tomatoes in half, lengthwise, and thaw out your frozen peas. Put all veggie ingredients in large bowl and set aside.
  2. For the pesto, just put the cashews and the remaining ingredients through sea salt into a blender or food processor and blend for about a minute, or until smooth. Add the pesto on top of the pasta. You might have extra pesto depending on how much you’d like in your pasta. Just store whatever remains in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.
5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta
5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta